Feria Expo Mendoza 2012

Feria Expo Mendoza 2012

Alejandro Dowling, Feria Expo Mendoza 2012

That’s me in the photo, holding a couple of Nutrisell flyers at the Hair Line stand at Feria Expo 2012 in Mendoza, Argentina. I was also on hand to video tape all the action: y’know, the comings and goings of interested buyers; the exciting free hair demos; pidgeons eating fallen crumbs from peoples’ plates of food. Those sorts of things. Conventions always have an other-wordly quality to them.

I was walking around during one of my breaks, and I stopped to watch a hair dresser from another stand (one with a bigger budget) perform a show of that consisted of dying some woman’s highlights. I say “show” because the guy wasn’t so much a stylist as he was a Las Vegas showman.

First of all, he was wearing shiny, silver pants coated with glitter. His hair was bright yellow and going in several different directions, like each strand had to run its own set of errands. And his tan was prepared “well done” with a side of cocanut oil. He danced around to whatever Black Eyed Peas hit happened to be blaring from the subwoofers, energetically maneuvering his utensils through the model’s hair in such a way that it uncannily went in synch with the beat. A little color here. A little blow dry there. I turned away for what seemed like a second and when I looked back a new model was in place and the crowd was going wild; chanting and applauding. Only at a convention could anybody make something as mundane as a hair cut as exciting as Cirque du Soleil.

Our stand was a bit more modest. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. We may have lacked Mr. Vegas and his shiny pants, but we were hawking good products and offering informative, no-nonsense demos.

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