Ithink visually, therefore I am. Graphic design has been my life for a number of years, with experience in print, web and mobile formats, not to mention video editing.

While most of my work revolves around an electronic mouse and Adobe software, I’m no stranger to writing. Most of my clients’ projects have involved some degree of copywriting. Nowadays, advertising and design go hand in hand, like iPhones and apps. If a client needs an idea or slogan, I can hash it out. It’s important to think of the entire project at hand, not just the images.

My past and current clients span a wide range of fields and even languages: from hair salons to politicians…from Chicago to Santiago…from Spanish to Amharic. That right there is the best part of being freelance. I feel part of a global community even if I work from my home office!

In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, blogging, performing and making videos. In 2009, I co-created the entertainment blog Hollywood Vulture and it’s still kicking today.

To stay active, I jog as much as I can will myself to (last I completed my first half-marathon!). I also get endorphin highs doing improv and standup comedy, with appearances at iO and Comedy Sportz and The Globe, where I guest-hosted an open mic.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 with a degree in Communication Arts. Sunny Los Angeles is my current home and I’m not missing the Midwest Winters!

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